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Learn more with these resources about educational and career opportunities for BEM students and practitioners.

Education Resources

College and University BEM Programs

A list of college and universities offering programs with BEM education has been assembled and is available at the link below. The list is by no means complete, and we encourage you to add to the list!

College and University BEM Programs

Get help with modeling questions

There are numerous resources available to help BEM practitioners with modeling questions. Check out these links if you get stuck and need some expert assistance.

Modeling help resources

Building Performance Modeling Student Handbook

A free Student Handbook that summarizes all of the key concepts of BEM and Performance Simulation of Buildings and Building Systems.

Download the pdf here.

Career Resources

Role of the BEM Practitioner

Learn more about the job description and role of the BEM practitioner.

Roles of Design Team Members

Understand the roles of design team members, and how they interact with BEM practitioners throughout a project.

Making an Impact on your Project

Read about approaches to maximize the impact your analysis has on a project's design decisions.

Making an impact

BEM Certifications

A list of certifications, accreditations, and certificate programs for BEM practitioners (and, in some cases, more broadly for energy engineers and analysts) has been assembled and is available at the link below.

BEM Certifications

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