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A list of college and universities offering programs with BEM education has been assembled and is available below. The list is by no means complete, and we encourage you to add to the list!

Name of Educational Institution Type of Institution Location Degree Type Name of Program / Department Short Description/BEM Courses Links
College of the Arts
Private University California, USA BArch, MArch Master of
Required course for BArch and MArch students in Building Energy, which covers heat transfer and comfort (ARCHT 4340/MARCH 6340). Have offered architecture electives with BEM in Parametric Design for Energy Autonomy, Luminous Space, and High Performance Facades (ARCHT 540/MARCH 640). CCA Course
California Polytechnic State
University Pomona
Public University California, USA BArch, MArch, MS College of Environmental
Design: Architecture &
Lyle Center for Regenerative
BArch, MArch, and MS in Regenerative Studies all include some degree of BEM coursework. BArch and MArch both have a required course (ARC 3310 Environmental Controls) that involves introductory building sim and building physics. Both programs also offer advanced electives and topic studios that incorporate simulation, design, and/or passive systems. Regenerative studies program includes a course that does climate analysis (RS 5350 Regenerative Environments). Solar class open to all majors includes passive systems, codes, and some energy modeling (RS 4300 Solar Energy Systems). MArch
Polytechnic State University SLO
Public University California, USA BS, MS Mechanical
Engineering Department
BS in Mechanical Engineering with HVAC&R specialization includes BEM elective; MS degree with BEM elective. Courses: ME 455: Introduction to Building Energy Modeling, ME 454: Benchmarking and Assessment of Building Energy Performance. Mechanical
Engineering Course
BArch Architecture Department BArch includes 2 weeks of introductory BEM (daylight and energy modeling) in required coursework, Architectural Systems Integration, and knowledge is expected to be applied throughout the year.
College of the Desert Community College California, USA AS, Certificate Building & Energy
Systems Professional
Includes AS degree and Building Energy Consultant Certificate, among others. Courses: ESYS 021: Residential Energy Modeling, ESYS 022: Residential Energy Modeling Design Project; Prerequisite is a course on Building Energy Codes. BESP AS
Degree Course List
Cosumnes River College Community College California, USA Courses Construction
Technology Program
CONST 161: Intermediate Residential Building Performance and Energy Auditing, CONST 163: Advanced Energy Auditing and Energy Modeling; Certificate in Green Buildings includes Energy Efficiency code standards elective (BIT 150).
DeAnza College Community College California, USA AS, Certificate Energy and Facilities
AS and Certificate in Energy Management and Building Science. BEM is an integral part of the course and lab curriculum and certificate/degree program. The campus and its buildings act as a learning laboratory. They have a VMI Student Energy Database that allows students to model, analyze, and manipulate real-time energy data from buildings across the campus. EMBS Degree
Laney College Community College California, USA Certificate, AS Department of
Environmental Control
Technology (HVACR)
Residential and commercial HVAC programs offer ECT 28, Certificate in Building Performance and Energy Efficiency is currently inactive; Courses: ECT 28: Energy Management and Efficiency in Building Systems, ECT 38: Measurement of Building Energy Efficiency, ECT 39: Energy Auditing and Computer Analysis of Energy Efficiency (residential). ECT Course
Sacramento City College Community College California, USA Certificate Mechanical -Electric
Commercial Building Energy Auditing and Commissioning Specialist Certificate. Courses: MET 393: Commercial Building Energy Audits and Calculations ("Students will perform a detailed energy audit of a state-of-the-art commercial building design using energy modeling simulation software and develop energy conservation strategies...") Mechanical- Electrical Technology
Course Descriptions
San Francisco
State University
Public University California, USA BS, MS School of
BS in Mechanical Engineering with HVAC elective; MS in Engineering, concentration in Energy Systems with building electives. Courses: ENGR 465: Principles of HVAC, ENGR 865: Energy Efficient Buildings, ENGR 867: Energy Auditing, Measurement, and Verification MS Energy Systems
Degree Requirements
Sonoma State University Public University California, USA BS Department of
Geography, Environment,
and Planning
Formerly offered a BS in Environmental Studies with focus in Energy, Management, and Design. Current offering is GEP 476 Energy Systems and Efficiency, which may include BEM ("You'll use mathematical models to estimate the energy use, cost, and carbon emissions for insulated buildings, heating and cooling, electric motors, and refrigeration. We'll use analytical and numerical methods for estimation and measurement"). GEP Course Descriptions
Community College California, USA AS, Certificate Sustainable Energy Studies AS/Certificate in Sustainable Energy Studies. Courses: SES 205: Building Energy Analysis using BIM required for both programs. Further discussion with faculty is needed to verify BEM presence. SES Course Descriptions
Private University California, USA MS Department of Civil and
Environmental Engineering
BS in Civil Engineering with building system elective, MS in Sustainable Design and Construction with Energy Track with required coursework in building systems; Courses: CEE 159/256: Building Systems (covers HVAC, lighting, and envelope systems for commercial and institutional buildings, with a focus on energy efficient design. Assignments include engineering problems, energy simulation exercises and a lighting design task). Energy Concentration
Program Sheet
University of
California Berkeley
Public University California, USA MS Department of
MS in Architecture with emphasis in Building Science, Technology, and Sustainability is intended to supplement a professional Architecture degree. College of Environmental Design offers graduate-level coursework in energy modeling (ARCH 249 Building Energy Simulations) that includes enrollment from MS in Building Science Sustainability Technology, Civil and Environmental Engineering Masters students, and Architecture students. Daylighting and building performance modeling also taught at UC Berkeley. Undergraduates also get exposure to building performance in the Architecture and Sustainable Environmental Design programs through the Energy and Environment course. ARCH 149 Special Topics (Zero Energy Building) summer course includes BEM. BSTS Course

Handbook for Master of Science - Building Science, Technology and Sustainability

University of
California Davis
Public University California, USA Course Program for International
Energy Technologies
Multidisciplinary graduate course sponsored by facilities management office. "Over the duration of the course, student groups work on client-based energy projects, ranging from audits, behavioral studies, energy modeling, and more." Project-based, simple/spreadsheet BEM may be taught but is project- and guest-speaker contingent depending on the term. ZNE Course
University of California Irvine Public University California, USA MEng Master of
Engineering - Mechanical
and Aerospace
M. Eng with Energy Systems concentration. Course: ENGR 209P: Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment: Energy and power for the built environment; building energy modeling; heat transfer and losses; heating and cooling cycles; control hardware and software; carbon neutrality, optimization. MAE Course Descriptions
University of California San
Public University California, USA BS Department of
Mechanical and Aerospace
BS in Mechanical Engineering with upper-division elective in BEM. Course: MAE 125: Building Energy Efficiency includes a design project using BEM software. Class not offered in 2021-22 school year. MAE Course Descriptions
University of Southern
Private University California, USA MS School of Architecture Masters in Building Science includes required coursework and electives that cover BEM topics but further discussion with USC faculty is needed to provide more detail on BEM instruction. Program has been recommended as including BEM from interviewees.
Carnegie Mellon University Private University Pennsylvania, USA BA School of Architecture
  • 48-524/722 Building Performance Modeling
  • 48-733 Environmental Performance Simulation
Drexel University Private University Pennsylvania, USA BS College of Engineering AE 561 Airflow Simulation in Built Environment

Introduce concepts about both computational and physical modeling of airflow in and around buildings. Help students to acquire skills in using computation fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques as design tools for buildings via the use of commercial software packages.

AE 561 Airflow Simulation in Built Environment
Georgia Institute of Technology Public University Georgia, USA BS Architecture
  • ARCH 4240 Building Simulation in Design Practice - Numerical simulation of performance of characteristics of whole buildings. Review of the finite element method for uniform treatment of transport phenomena in different building technology domains.
  • ARCH 6241 Building Simulation in Design Practice - Learn to use mainstream simulation packages to support building design in domains of Energy, CFD, Lighting, Ventilation.
  • ARCH 6242 Building Physics Modeling - Survey of basic thermo-fluid energy and mass flows in buildings, the interrelations between these flows, physical system modeling, and implications for building performance goals.
  • ARCH 7252 Computational Building Simulation - Students learn how to develop their own extensible Building Simulation software using Finite Element discretization in Matlab and apply it to research problem.
  • ARCH 8685 Building Simulation Seminar - Numerical simulation of performance characteristics of whole buildings. Review of the finite element method for uniform treatment of transport phenomena in different building technology domains.
Harvard University Private University Massachusetts, USA MArch Graduate School of Design
  • SCI-6125 Building Simulation
  • SCI-6374 Advanced Applications in Sustainable Architecture
  • SCI-6484 Data Science for Performance-Driven Design
Harvard GSD Courses
Illinois Institute of Technology Private University Illinois, USA BS Civil and Architectural Engineering
  • CAE 405/505 Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Engineering
  • CAE 465/526 Energy Conservation in Buildings
  • CAE 515 Building Information Modeling Applications for Building Performance
  • CAE 550 Applied Building Energy Modeling
Course list
Kansas State University Public University Kansas, USA Architectural Engineering ARE 6431 Building Energy Simulations Simulation courses
Lawrence Technological University Private University Michigan, USA Architecture ARC 4813/5043 BIM for Energy & Ecology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Private University Massachusetts, USA Architecture 4.421 Space-Conditioning Systems for Low-Carbon Buildings
Milwaukee School of Engineering Private University Wisconsin, USA Architectural Engineering ARE 6431 Building Energy Simulations - An introduction and study of building energy assessment principles and protocols for new and existing commercial buildings.  Course topics include hands-on techniques of energy measurement and verification, indoor environmental quality parameter identification and measurement, and energy metric comparison/analysis for the application and submission of a building disclosure, rating, and labeling program. The course will also focus on energy modeling to inform and guide design of a new commercial building.
North Carolina A&T State University Public University North Carolina, USA Civl, Arch & Environmental Engineering Department AREN 762 - HVAC Sys Analy & Simulation - The course deals with the analysis of HVAC computer programs used to predict energy-use. Hour-by-hour simulation programs are compared with bin weather data programs for accuracy and care of use.
Northeastern University Private University Massachusetts, USA SBSY 5250 Building Performance Simulation - Studies principles of building performance simulations and the application of these tools to improve the design and operation of buildings. Covers the basic principles of simulation and uses a spectrum of available tools for early stage modeling, daylight estimation, analysis of comfort, and whole building validation. Introduces interpretation and validation of results and code-mandated protocols.
Penn State University Public University Pennsylvania, USA Architectural Engineering
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Private University New York, USA Architecture
  • ARCH 2360/5310 - Environmental and Ecological Systems
  • ARCH 2468 - Digital Constructs for Building Sciences
  • ARCH 6390 - Energy and Systems Simulation
Syracuse University Private University New York, USA Architecture
  • ARC 322 - Building Systems Design II
  • ARC 622 - Building Systems Design II
  • ARC 423/623 - Advanced Building Systems
  • ECS 555 - Virtual Design Studio for Green Building Systems (VDS-GBS)
  • CEE 648/MAE 658 - Building Environmental Modeling and Simulations
University of Arizona Public University Arizona, USA Architecure
  • ARC 461D/561D Computer Energy Analysis
  • ARC 461N/561N Energy Auditing and Modeling
Course links
University of Cincinnati Public University Ohio, USA Architectural Engineering AE 6030 - Building Energy Modeling Course links
University of Colorado at Boulder Public University Colorado, USA Building Systems Engineering
  • AREN 4990/5990 (3) Compu Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis for Built/Natural Envmnts
  • AREN 5070 (3) Thermal Analysis of Buildings
  • AREN 5080 (3) Computer Simulation of Building Energy Systems
University of Massachusetts Amherst Public University Massachusetts, USA Building and Construction Technology
  • BCT 521 – Environmental Control Systems and Lab
  • BCT 597BE – Introduction to Building Energy Modeling
University of Miami Private University Florida, USA Civil and Architectural Engineering
  • CAE 582./682. Building Energy Modeling and Simulation
  • CAE 780. Indoor Environmental Modeling
  • CAE 781. Advanced Building Energy Modeling and Simulation
University of Nebraska at Omaha Public University Nebraska, USA Architectural Engineering
  • AREN 8140 Building Energy III: Advanced Building Energy System Modeling
  • AREN 8150 Building Energy Simulation and Performance Contracting
  • AREN 9180 Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Indoor Environments
University of Oklahoma Public University Oklahoma, USA Architecture
  • ARCH 5822. Foundations of Building Physics and Analysis
  • ARCH 5832. Introduction to Building Performance Analysis
University of Oregon Public University Oregon, USA Architecture, Environmental Studies
University of Texas at Austin Public University Texas, USA Architectural Engineering
  • ARE 371/389U. Energy Simulation in Building Design
  • ARE 372/389V. Modeling of Air and Pollutant Flows in Buildings
University of Wyoming Public University Wyoming, USA Architectural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Private University Massachusetts, USA Architectural Engineering
  • AREN 3020. Architectural Design IV – Building Energy Simulation
  • AREN 3025. Building Energy Simulation
Course links


This table was initially developed from content developed by the CalBEM initiative led by Southern California Edison. In 2021, CalBEM led a research effort to evaluate educational opportunities and make recommendations for future opportunities which were documented in the report Recommendations for BEM Education in California. A list of college and university programs in California was included in Appendix 2 of the report.[1]


  1. Strategic Energy Innovations (November 8, 2021). "Recommendations for Building Energy Modeling in California".
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