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Automation and scripting approaches can be used to rapidly create BEM and test many alternative design options without the need to manually create multiple versions of the model.

This page is coming soon and is planned to cover topics such as parametric analysis, scripting approaches to testing design alternatives, and automated data exchange between different software tools (such as BIM to BEM). Refer to the additional resources section below for links to external content.

Additional Resources

  • BIM (Revit) to BEM Data Exchange - This IBPSA-USA webinar (video) focuses on sharing best practices for developing BIM models so that they can effectively share data with BEM software tools.
  • Python Programming for Energy Modelers - This IBPSA-USA webinar (video) focuses on outlining the process of acquiring data science skills for building performance analysts with little or no previous programming experience.
  • OpenStudio Measures - In OpenStudio, a "Measure" is a set of programmatic instructions that makes changes to an energy model to reflect its application. A large library of these measures is available, or users can create their own. Measures can be applied to a specific model, or they can be more general for use across multiple models.
  • Modelkit - Modelkit is a free and open-source, cross-platform framework for parametric modeling developed by Big Ladder Software. Modelkit integrates two powerful concepts: templates and scripting. Templates are an old method for combining static content with dynamic inputs. Scripting is a relatively new method for automating the process of modeling. Modelkit has been applied to EnergyPlus, the California Simulation Engine (CSE), and the California compliance software tools, CBECC-Com and CBECC-Res.
  • Eppy - Eppy is a scripting language for EnergyPlus idf files, and EnergyPlus output files. Eppy is written in the programming language Python. It allows users to programmatically navigate, search, and modify EnergyPlus idf files.
  • A Demo of Common BIM to BEM Workflows Using gbXML - and IBPSA-USA sponsored this gbXML webinar. The webinar gives an overview of gbXML, a discussion about successes and struggles with BIM to BEM workflows using gbXML, and a presentation on the gbXML validator that was developed as part of an ASHRAE research project (RP-1810).
  • BEM ToolBox - The BEM ToolBox is a suite of tools used to parse model input and output files and present the data in a format that can be analyzed more effectively. It is designed to automate repetitive tasks and analyze model data, and the reports can be shared with other members of a project team. The tools are geared towards users of IES-VE software although support for other software tools may be added.

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